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What I’ve Been Doing Lately

Hello again. Welcome to my yearly blogpost. Isn’t this exciting? Sigh.

Anyway. Just going to talk about what projects I’m currently working on. 

Those projects include Blender stuff, an 2D OpenGL game engine, and other projects I either did work on (like the NSFW Winter Movie Draft Weekly Recap Show), or need to work on (like Soundbuildr).

I’m A Terrible Blogger

Clearly, I don’t post here much. I’m not gonna bother promising anything like I have in the past. If there’s something I feel like posting here, I’ll post it; if not, well then read my twitter. I did redesign the … Continued

My Thoughts on the “Back to Mac” Announcement

A couple of days ago, Apple held a “Back to Mac” announcement. For a while, it seemed like the only cared about iOS, and iOS devices, but finally the Mac got some love. While there were many announcements on Wednesday, I’m only really going to deal with the ones that, in my opinion, really matter in the long run. Those announcements include the Mac App Store, the iOS-like features in OS X Lion, and the new MacBook Air.

My Top 4 Anticipated Games for Late 2010

I think I’m going to try to make a habit of posting here at least once or twice a week (hopefully more than that). It might be random lists(like this), it might be about something I’m working on, or just about current technology issues.

Today I am writing about the the most anticipated games (for the rest of 2010) for me personally. Don’t flame me if you don’t like my choices, because this is just how I feel. I have a feeling many people will disagree with my list because of the lack of shooters. Sorry, I don’t really play too many FPS games, unless they offer something really unique. All of these games are available on the Xbox 360 and/or PC (and other systems that I don’t have)

This is a long one, so check the list out after the break.

Skate 3 Demo

Well, today’s the day the Skate 3 demo is released to the masses, and I woke up at 5am just to get it. I will have a full review(hopefully with images and video) later, but for now here is my … Continued